Information Directly Obtained from Customer

Upon registration, you will be asked about some of your personal information such as name, telephone number, e-mail address, address, date of birth, number of family members, and how you got to know about us.

Hashim Online store promises not to rent/ sell any of your personal information and shall also keep them protected.

All registered personal information on the App shall be used confidentially, however, the customer's signature is deemed as an unconditional permit for Hashim Hypermarket to share information with services suppliers, wherein a contract is signed between both of them not to reveal any.

Only under one exception can Hashim Online store disclose information: when ordered by a court or by any other legal governmental entity protecting the law; herein, you shall be notified in case any information is ordered, unless prohibited by law.

Information Obtained While Browsing our website or Application

We collect information that has to do with using the Website/App including but not limited to:

• Shopping cart

• Shopping List

• Visited pages

• Purchased products

• How you use the website/App

• Your account information

• Current location of the customer, through smartphones.

• Others

Information will only be used to identify customer's needs and priorities and then provide them with the best offers

Secure Payment

One method of payment that can be used through the website/App is a credit or debit bank card. In this instance, the payment will be referred to the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) transaction page, where secure payments are guaranteed.

Accordingly, the Hashim Online store shall not record/ save any of the information related to the customer's bank card.